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Organize your company

How can we help?

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    Tasking management, register of clients and projects in one place, online. Most importantly, not in email.
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    Those, who do not evaluate, do not lead. At every point in time, you will know who deals with which tasks. Easily connectible to the rewards system.
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    Strenghtening the company's culture, more effictive way of communication, unified proccesses, which everyone enjoys.

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Not yet convinced?

See below to learn how can the eBRANA system be of help.

All neccessary information in one place

E-mails, documents, tasks, contacts - all easily saved to a central database to be used later on, when needed. The data are available online, no matter wheter you are in your company or in the field. Plus, data are fully synchronized with your mobile device.

Have your tasking management organised

Make your tasking management easier. The eBRANA system allows effective work division to employees via tasks. The system also helps managers to be constantly updated about the status of these tasks - Who works on what, how are deadlines met, or how are costs. The eBRANA system is fit to be useful for both routine work as well as great and large projects.

Get rid of up to 80% of unneccessary e-mails.

Thanks to the eBRANA system, you will get rid of mass mailing systems. The mass mailing will be replaced by communication within tasks or corporate social network. If you recieve an email containing a demand, you will be able to add it to a customer's file in the central database. No communication will get lost, moreover, should you get ill, your colleague will find all the neccessary information to follow up on your work.

Connect people

All information within the system are in a written form, accessible online from anywhere. Supervisors can monitor work of their employees, colleagues can share data amongst them. Everyone in the company is connected.

Have important issues always visible

Someone has passed a task onto you, expecting your reaction. A customer sent you a demand and is waiting for your offer. Someone commented on your post for your colleagues. For all of this, and more, you will be notified by the system. Surely, you can set your own rules for each case's priority.

Measure and evaluate

... for what is not measured cannot be managed. Fortunately, working with our system comes along with data, which can be evaluated. For example, the number of successfuly closed demand cases, current number of clients, projects' costs, and more..

All your company needs in one
on-line and safe system.

CRM - Customer Relationship Management

Give sales managers all they need. Gain complete database of clients with all the data. 

Organised tasking management

Get rid of notes and head full of tasks. The eBRANA system tasking mangement will help you to organize your time more effectively.

Social network

Build up your company culture and lower the employee fluctuation. Satisfied employees are the foundation stone of every successful company.

Shared calendar

The eBRANA system comes with a calendar which can be shared amongst colleagues. The calendar can also be synchronized with your mobile device, making organizing your work much easier.

Organised e-mails

Emails automatically organised to the corporate database will never get lost. You can also create a task from them with just one click.

Contacts in mobile phone

New client contact info? One click and contact info will sync to your smartphone as well as to corporate database.

Demand management

Record communication with clients in one place. From the very first email to the final evaluation.


Cars, meeting rooms, projector or probably a camera? With our reservation system, borrowing the company's property will be much easier.


Monitor, in which phase are projects, how are the costs and learn people how to enhance their time-management in the process.


Simplify orientation in your corporate structure. Have the list of positions, contacts, and people organised.