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The primary use of the Articles module is to share formal information to your colleagues. Articles you publish may vary, from information gathered on conferences, list of results from a division or an overview of changes in the product catalogue. You also have the right to set the target group of people. In general, this module is very useful in development of the corporate social network.


What is the use of the Articles module?

  • Sharing newly learnt information and notes form a conference or training

  • Targeting the information to a specific department or group of people
  • Help with your issues thanks to the knowledge base of many people
  • Confirmation, that the article was read
  • Have the article displayed only to chosen people

Check how easy is to create an article

Have the article displayed only to chosen people

Article you write may be displayed only to people involved in it. Set the group of people, department or specific people, and no one else will see your article. This way ensures that your article will get to the right pair of eyes and will not disturb other colleagues.

Be sure that your article was read

When sharing an important information, you want to be sure that colleagues have read your article. By clicking on a confirmation button, your colleague will let you know that he read your article. He can also add a comment, should he be interested in additional information.

Add articles to Tasks

Articles are helpful even when dealing with a task. Your articles may enrich the knowledge base used to solve issues in a task. Articles which contain useful information about a certain topic will display at a task of a certain type or potentials offered to your clients. When discussing with your colleagues about an issue, you enrich the corporate know-how.

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Where to next?

The Message board module is used to publish formal and informal news for your colleagues. This module will display important news directly on your dashboard.

Have important events of your colleagues always visible, as well as new faces in your company. Sales managers use this module also to make an informal communication with their clients (birthday congratulation, etc.).

Check the price list for the price of the Message board module.