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How will the module help you?

  • Plan a meeting with your colleagues
  • Send invitations to people inside and outside your company
  • Synchronization with mobile devices
  • Interconnection with specific tasks
  • Vacation automatically synchronizes with calendar

Plan events directly from a Task

Create an event in the Calendar directly from a task. Monitor how many meetings have taken place and your colleagues will know to which task the new event relates. Thus, you will always have the right basis for your next meeting. In addition, your vacation automatically saves into your calendar, if you are in the process of approval of a vacancy. The Calendar module also enables sharing of calendars between colleagues, so you will always know whether your colleague is free or not.

Send invitations easily

Use the Calendar module to send invitations for meetings to colleagues and business associates, with no account in the eBRÁNA system, alike. Your invitation is sent directly to the target person’s e-mail. If the receiver owns an account in the eBRÁNA system, the event will automatically display in his calendar. Answers, received from participants, will automatically save in the event. In addition, you can create a task from received e-mail, which will be added to the eBRÁNA system.

Share your calendar with colleagues

Make meetings and appointments with your colleagues easy and organised. Thanks to the possibility to share calendars between colleagues, you can plan meetings and appointments ahead. Colleagues, who you are sharing your calendar with, have rights to edit your events and tasks concerning them only.

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Where to next?

  • The Tasks module is also used to deal with a task or business communication easily. The module works as a system to record your work activity and all of the tasks are bound to a client’s project
  • The Timesheets module serves also as a tool to see the amount of time worked on a task. This module will improve your time management, and will also show you the progress of tasks.
  • Set the option to comment on tasks related to your project easily. The People module also records contact persons and sets rights to users via special options.