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How will this module help you?

  • Automatic e-mail classification in the eBRÁNA system as well as in your mobile device
  • Easier substitution of ill employees thanks to saving of e-mail communication with clients to related tasks and projects
  • Processing of tasks from important e-mails
  • Uses standard e-mail features (easier transfer to a new e-mail client)

No more mess in your e-mails. No more searching for old and lost e-mails. Use the e-mail management system from eBRÁNA. Compared to other e-mail clients, the eBRÁNA e-mail is synchronized with other modules within the system, like Projects, Tasks, Accounts, and People. If the addressee is in the corporate database, e-mails concerning him are saved in the permanent database for a client and for a project. To the permanent database may be connected multiple accounts, the inbox messages are divided into folders and may be tagged. The eBRÁNA e-mail client is an ideal tool for your customers’ care.

Organised client’s permanent communication

Permanent communication serves as a tool to classify inbox messages as well as a tool for easier substitution for a colleague, should you need to communicate with the client any further. The inbox is saved to the database based on contact person detail.

E-mails classify automatically, but you can add them to a company / task / project with few clicks.

Saving your time by automatically classifying inbox messages

Rarely you have time to classify inbox messages to each client. The inbox messages in in the eBRÁNA system are classified automaticaly by a set of rules, so your e-mail mailbox, as well as your mobile phone will always be organised, for the set of rules used within the system is synced with the mobile app. Rules may be applied retroactively, to classify e-mails you have already saved.

Tasks directly from e-mail

E-mails may be connected to individual tasks upon creating a Project entry, to make searching for related mails easier.  You will never forget to reply to an important e-mail again.

E-mails always on sight

New e-mails are visible on your dashboard. You will set the position of the widget to your liking, moreover every widget in the eBRÁNA system eases up your search in data. The E-mails widget may be pinned onto your dashboard to notify you about new mails.

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Where to next?

  • Quick and simple dealing with requests, thanks to the Tasks module. Mark down every work activity to the tasking system. Business and project tasks are bound to a client’s entry in the Projects module.
  • The Accounts module is a part of the CRM. Record data about your business associates and about your suppliers. Automatic downloading of marketing data of companies will make your work easier.
  • Record your clients’, as well as your colleagues’, contact easily. You may set access to certain people to certain tasks.
  • The Projects module contains business cases which involve business communication. You will have overview of communication with client related to a certain task to evaluate its effectivity, thus you will be able to see which projects are the most wanted ones.