Advantages of the team tasking system

  • Is fit for a daily routine work as well as for large projects
  • You will not have to remember all your tasks and notes
  • You will have overview of your employees’ work, everywhere
  • Evaluation of costs and deadlines meeting have never been easier
  • As a practical example, the eBRÁNA system is able record to and save minutes of meetings

The eBRÁNA system is helping me to lead my team as well as to organize my time. I can see tasks divided between my employees in one place, I know exactly when do my employees need to be hurried or helped. The information is dispassionate; thus I am able to be fair in evaluation of their performance.

Martin Semerád


What exactly is the team tasking and project management system capable of?

Distribute and monitor individual tasks

The eBRÁNA systems allows managers to have a perfect overview over all tasks. Managers can see the time allocated to each task within their teams or individual employees = costs, deadlines met and also successfulness.

Have your own tasks under control

You will be able to organize your time by splitting tasks into “Today” or “In future”. Tasks may be assigned to your colleague or presented to your boss. Thanks to the central database, which saves all of the communication, will your colleague know where to start or where to substitute for you, when you are ill, for example.

Have all of corporate communication in one place

Colleagues sharing their materials via e-mails is a common thing, but now you are able to save the e-mails into your task with one click to prevent their loss. Everything is in the one system, including communication, which helps you to have overview over costs and deadlines.

Present tasks and gather feedback

Every employee will present his / hers tasks to their senior, who has control over all the tasks. No more pointless meetings, thousands of e-mails, calls, and work extorting. You will always see when are the tasks completed or why are they not yet completed.

Record minutes of meetings

No task will disappear on your next meeting. With one click, the report is added to the main task, which can be further worked with. Delegate and split part-tasks to your employees. You will have a perfect overview of the fulfilment of these tasks in the central system.

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Where to next?

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