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Do you have any questions concerning your implementation of the eBRÁNA system? Do you suspect any mistakes in your system? Do you seek help with usage of a module? Contact our technical support via e-mail or call us. We will explain everything to you. Your request will be dealt with within the guaranteed time.

Chose from two tariffs

You will gain access to our technical support together with our eBRÁNA system. You can choose from two variants of the technical support, each having its own advantages. For example, should you choose tariff exclusive, we will deal with your request in 10 working hours. Your request will be a priority and will be dealt with as soon as possible.

How do we classify your requests?

The time to deal with a request starts when we receive your request. The time needed to deal with your request depends on the tariff you chosen. The severity of your request is classified into three groups:

A – the most severe – the system cannot be used (white page displays only, etc.)

B – average request – the error reduces functionality (new record cannot be added or edited, etc.)

C – the least severe request – the error does not reduce system’s functionality, its only annoying (part of a text is not displaying, etc.)


Tariff “Basic”

The main difference between the tariffs is the time needed to deal with your requests. Tariff basic guarantees maximum of 45 working hours to deal with your request. As can be seen on the picture, we usually deal with requests much faster.

Tariff “Exclusive”

This tariff is the most suitable one for those, who want their request to be dealt with as soon as possible. This tariff is an exclusive service, which guarantees 10 working hours to deal with your request. Most of the requests are dealt with in less than 5 hours.

What is the standing of our technical support?

Consultations are free of charge. Really!
We will discuss your project with you for free.

Fill the from in or call us, its up to you.