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Enhance your bussines

Gives sales managers all they need.

  • Calendar synchronized with mobile phone, in which they can plan meetings.
  • E-mails, which automatically classify to customers.
  • Contacts to clients immediately visible on their mobile phone.
  • Tasks and a diary thanks to which they will never forget their promises.

For me, as for manager, is enough to know that our sales managers are able to use e-mail, calendar and mobile phone connected to just one system. They do not have any extra paperwork, and yet, an automatically created, complete database of clients including the whole history of communication, is being created.

Lubomír Sychra

Senior sales manager

What exactly is our CRM system capable of?

Create a database of companies.

All of the sales managers have access to one central database, to which they can add new companies, new contact persons, and save all of the communication made with each customer. All of this can be done from fieldwork via e-mail or mobile phone with just few clicks.

Link e-mails to a database.

A task can be created with just one click from an e-mail communication or a call. In this task, you can plan a meeting, which will sync with your calendar and your mobile phone. Minutes of the meeting can be recorded in a task assigned to a particular customer, from which it can be sent as an e-mail, with one click.

Synchronize contacts with your mobile phone.

Contact persons saved in the central database are automatically synced with contacts in your mobile phone. A very important time-saving function for sales managers.

Control and plan.

Our eBRÁNA system is a unique and useful tool for managers. A complete database of companies is being created before your very eyes, in which any desired information is accessible to everyone.  The state of communication with a client is easily accessible, so you can plan your next steps.

Create statistics.

Our eBRÁNA system is capable of evaluating work effectivity of your employees, monitor successfulness of your customers’ care, all in a simple way. Thanks to evaluations from the system, you will be able to make better decisions and thanks to statistics, your strategic management will improve.

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Where to next?

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