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What is possible with the Attendance module?

  • Simple attendance recording
  • Work time recording
  • Create summaries of attendance for specific time intervals
  • Simple basis gathering for your payroll office
  • Overview of your colleagues’ attendance

Every employee uses the Attendance module to record the time spent working. Attendance recording starts with one click on a timer, breaks are marked down by pausing the timer, and the end of the work is marked by saving a timesheet generated from the timer. The attendance recording interchanges excel tables as a basis for accounting.

A new record with the number of hours worked is created based on this recording. At the beginning of every month the system generates a summary with a list of daily attendance for each employee. This report works also as a basis for payrolls.

Have overview of attendance

The Attendance module comes with the Attendance overview widget, which can be used to display attendance of an employee for a specific period on the eBRÁNA dashboard. The widget comes with filters in order to display only the things you want it to.

Get rid of excel tables and paper records. Monthly attendance reviews for all your employees are on-line and accessible with just one click, directly from the eBRÁNA system.

Create useful reports

The Attendance module will be loved by managers and accounting companies alike. The module comes with the ability to generate reports summarizing the monthly attendance of an employee. Thanks to the reports, your accountants will see when was the employee most productive and worked the most time. The attendance reports are automatically generated, with every report showing summary of time worked daily from previous month.

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Where to next?

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