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The Accounts module keeps a record and organises work with your business associates. A great simplification comes with marketing data of your business associates being automatically downloaded to the system.


Have everything about a project in one place, all together. Create a calculation or add important information. The module also works as a tracking tool to keep an eye on the progress of a project and related part-tasks.


The tasks module represents a simple tasking system. Tasks related to a business or a project are automatically tied to a Project module entry. Plus, all of your employees will know what to do and when.


Monitor the time worked on individual tasks. Thanks to timesheets, your employees would plan their work ahead, and your managers will have an organized list of tasks with their status.


Keep a record of all the necessary information about your employees. Fill in additional information about your business associates. Set which notifications will display, your profile photo, new address or a phone number.


We know that contact data are the most important data for sales managers. Manage your contacts and synchronize them with your phone. Contacts are gathered from the data provided by your sales managers, colleagues or your own.

E-mail client

The eBRÁNA e-mail client offers an option to manage more than one e-mail account. Another benefit is the possibility to create a Task directly from an e-mail. Another important feature is an automatic e-mail classification by set rules.


Never forget about an important meeting or a task again. Moreover, our Calendar module synchronizes with your e-mail and thanks to that, you can send invitations from which you can create tasks, which will then save into the system.


Say good bye to complicated attendance systems. The Attendance module is not only a simple attendance system, but also a wonderful basis for accounting.


The Reservations module will quickly become one of the most important tools in your company. The module serves to reserve shared assets in a company, like a car, meeting room and more.

Message board

Inform you colleagues immediately about your business or personal achievements. The Message board module displays important news from your colleagues, directly on your dashboard. Anyone from the company may comment on them or “Like” them.


Inform your colleagues about your impressions from a conference, successes of your department or share your know-how. The Articles module allows readers to discuss or confirm that they have read the article.

Important events

Don’t forget about important events of your colleagues or business associates. You will never miss a boarding anniversary or birthday. You will see everything on your dashboard and will never miss the opportunity to congratulate.