Advantages of the demand management system

  • Better and faster reaction to new customers
  • Effective dividing of demands among sales managers
  • Outcome status monitoring for each demand
  • Possibility to evaluate investments into marketing
  • Central record of customers for further use (when the first contact failed)

Are you investing into SEO, Facebook or PPC campaign? And are you able to evaluate the forms or telephones you get from such marketing tools? Alone, these marketing tools are telling nothing, you will not know how many deals you have made thanks to them or whether is the investment you give to marketing returning or not. With demand management, you will know. And you will also be able to increase the potential of successfully gained deals.

Ivana Palarčíková

SOM specialist

What exactly is the demand management system capable of?

Keep a record of e-mails containing a demand

Have you got an e-mail with a demand? With one click you can assign the customer into the central database. Even if the deal failed, you can use the contact further, e.g. for newsletter.

Create tasks in one central database

You can create task from an e-mail with one click. The task will notify you in time to take care of your customers. You do not have to carry all of your work in your head, you now have it in one, organized, place.

Monitor and save communication with customers

You are able to view your whole history of communication with customers. From the very first e-mail to the final evaluation of the business case. For every demand and every sales manager, you will see how are the deadlines met and the progress of implementation. When a sales manager gets ill, his colleague immediately knows at which point to start the communication with a client.

Monitor work of your employees

Managers are able to easily monitor work of salesmen and demands they are currently working on. The manager has the information, outcomes and other events well organizes and still before his eyes.

Compare outcomes

Online, from a tablet, mobile phone, computer, from a company or fieldwork, you are able to monitor the successfulness rate of recieved demands. You will see which were successful and the benefits they brought to your company. Outcomes may be monitored in present time and compared on a monthly, quarterly, biannual, or annual basis.

Where to next?

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