What is the use of the Important events module?

  • Remembrance of boarding anniversaries and birthdays
  • Getting to know new faces in the company
  • Start a communication with a client based on his important events

The Important events module is a smart accessory to your eBRÁNA dashboard, displaying birthdays, boarding anniversaries or new colleagues. Your corporate social network will be supported by a useful tool thanks to which your colleagues can congratulate to an important anniversary or welcome and get to know newcomers.

The module is useful also to sales managers, who can start a conversation with a client based on his important events.

Meet new faces

Have information about new faces in your company organised and fresh. You will see the newcomer’s profile picture on your eBRÁNA dashboard. If your HR worker wants, he may add information about the job position of the newcomer as well as additional information about him, like hobbies, etc.

Don’t miss birthdays

Having all dates of birth of your colleagues is an impossible task. Our Important events module comes with a widget, where birthdays and other anniversaries are displayed ahead, so you will always have time to buy a present. Sales managers can, thanks to that, prepare to congratulate a client and start a communication with him.

Where to next?

Publish formal and informal messages, news, and events on your corporate message board. This module serves to display the newest information from your colleagues. Comments and “Likes” are a form of feedback for the article.

Publish articles about your department’s successes, lead discussion to new know-how. This module allows the “Acknowledged” function, to see which colleagues are familiar with the topic you discussed in the article.

Check the price list for the price of the Important events module.