What is the use of the Timesheets?

  • Employees will report time spent on a task
  • Productivity monitoring thanks to graphs
  • Managers gain basis for project costs statistics
  • Better time-management for all employees

Monitor the development of tasks connected to a project. Timesheets serve also as a basis for costs statistics for individual projects, and also as a tool for a better time-management of your employees. See the time your employees worked and reported to a Timesheet connected to a task.

The module also has an option to show the development of your own task and also to see the utilization of employees. The Business Intelligence module monitors the personal work statistics in graphs, which managers use to plan work for their employees in advance.

Report your work to a task easily

The Timesheets module enables to report time spent on a task directly to the task. Costs from Timesheets entries flow straight to Projects. Thus, you are able to monitor the amount of work done or needed on your task.

Timesheets may flow to Tasks as well as to Projects. Based on the time worked, you can monitor the status of a Project, because you know the amount of time needed to be given in to make the project profitable.

Where to next?

  • With the Tasks module, you will monitor the time spent on a task. Every employee will have an overview of the amount of time he worked in a specified period.
  • The People module is used  for example, to set rights to comment on a task, add a contact person, to who you may set rights to access certain parts of the eBRÁNA system.
  • Check the price list for the price of the Timesheets module.