What will we train?

  • How to control and use eBRÁNA system to be your best helper
  • We will set the system to suit to the best extent to your company, directly on your implementation of the system
  • We will show to all the participants the potential of the system, which they can use when working.

Trained = satisfied employee

We will ensure that your colleagues and employees will be fully capable of operating the eBRÁNA system, qucikly and effectively. Should you need,we will came to your company.

Organize your company with the eBRÁNA system

Our lecturer will teach you how to effectively work with our system. He will also explain its nature and will provide you with useful tips on how to use the system within your company, division, and your team. If your employees master working with the eBRÁNA system, their work will be well organized and they will be able to effectively plan their work.

Process of training in the eBRÁNA training center

  • Each participant will be borrowed a computer, on which he or she tries the discussed topic and solves tasks
  • The training is focused on showing working with the system and system’s preferences
  • You will have plenty of time for your questions. We will also advise you how to enhance the course of your company with the help of the eBRÁNA system
  • According to the needs of participants, the length and difficulty of the workshop, we hold pauses for refreshment and to relax
  • Should you not want to come to us, we will come to you. Look at the conditions for field training

We will plan the training according to you

Every company is unique with its organization thus our implementations and trainings require individual approach.  We offer several variants, from which you can choose the one that suits you the best

  • Private training in our center or in your company

    Private training, at your place or in our training center

    We will train you in the eBRÁNA system at your place or in our training center. You can choose private training, at which only your employees and our lecturer will be present. You will learn only what you will need to know about our system.


    • You will learn only what you really need
    • We will come to your company
    • You will learn to use the turnkey system
    • We will help you with settings of your company processes


    • Organizing training at your company may be difficult and experience problems
    • Your will not learn how does the system works in different companies
    • The focus of participants is better at our training center, at your place, they might be called off to work, help colleague with something, etc.
  • Group training

    Group trainings

    We hold regular trainings with participants from various companies. Our professional will guide you through the whole system and will show you, on examples, what is the system capable of and how to set it to work the best. You will, of course, have time to ask questions about anything that may interest or concern you.


    • You will learn how does the system work within another company
    • You will still have time to ask questions
    • The lecturer will attend all participants


    • Dates of trainings are set, might not fit all the possible participants
    • Group trainings are held only in our training center
    • Larger group of people

Check out our training room

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Where to next?

  • Our product specialist will introduce individual modules of the eBRÁNA system during the personal consultations, and will also listen out the needs you have in your business.

Keep your eBRÁNA system working like a clockwork. Should you need to set up modules or something has stopped working, our technical support is here to help you.