How will the Contacts module help you?

  • Complete database of contacts
  • Synchronization of contacts of your business associates with your phone
  • Up-to-date contacts to your colleagues and business associates
  • Sharing of your contacts with your colleagues
  • Import of contacts from your Google account

Have all of your contacts in one place. Share them with your colleagues, or synchronize them with contacts in the corporate database to keep them up-to-date. The Contacts module offers an simple synchronization with your mobile phone via a mobile app.

Every user has his own contacts database within the eBRÁNA system. The database may be changed, shared, and edited in the People module. All of the important phone numbers, e-mails, and social network profiles will be always available.

Up-to-date contacts

Do not lose time with pointless rewriting of contacts to your mobile phone. The Contacts module comes with synchronization function, so any change in the Accounts or People module will be updated to your mobile phone.

Settings of the synchronization differ for each operating system. Those, who do not have suitable native app, we offer a solution – the CardDav app, which allows the synchronization of chosen contacts with the eBRÁNA system.

Where to next?

  • Add an important part of the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) to your eBRÁNA system. The Accounts module serves as a database of your business associates, and as a tool to make information about your suppliers more organised. A simplification are also marketing data about companies being automatically downloaded to the module.
  • The People module will show you how to record contact persons of your clients. You can give rights to third party people to comment on tasks or give them access to the system thanks to special rights.
  • Synchronize your mobile device with contacts and calendar in the eBRÁNA system. Check, which smartphones require a special app and which have the exchange service natively.