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CRM – Customer Relationship Management

Our non-standard CRM system is able to save all information in a safe-like storage, so when a sales manager leaves the company, another may immediately start his work from the point the leaver has ended. As a company, you will never lose neither a contact nor a contract.

Enterprise social network

Get rid of mass mailing and support relationships between your employees. Firm and healthy relationships amongst your employees are a priceless factor in lowering fluctuation. Satisfied people are the very foundation stone of a successful company and are contributing to higher profits in the long run.

DMS - Document Management System

A well organised document management saves time of every employee and increases the effectivity of the company as whole. Logos, price lists, example offers, flyers, internal rules or processes – everything in one place, versioned and traceable. You will never hear questions like “Where do I find our logo?” or “Where is the newest price list?”

Team tasking and project management

Have a clear head and overview over all of your projects and tasks. Thanks to the eBRÁNA system, you will always know on what are your employees working, when are the deadlines and how are the costs.

Demand management

Make your demand management transparent and organized. Thanks to the eBRÁNA system, you will be able to classify and evaluate the demand, thus you will be able to answer yourself to what extent are your investments into marketing effective.

Attendance system

Attendance system will make your supervision over your employees easier, as well as prepare materials for your accountant to create a payroll. With our attendance system, you will always know when do your employees come to work or how many hours have they worked. Online, from anywhere.