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How will the attendance system help you?

  • The module will substitute excel tables as a basis for accounting.
  • The module will substitute electronic chips, which are usually circumvented.
  • To create various statistics and monthly reviews.
  • You will see when exactly did your colleague started to work (not when he came to work).
  • You will have overview of the attendance of your employees, thus planning shifts will be easily done to your liking.

What exactly comes with our attendance system?

You will know the time your colleagues worked

Do you need to know, when exactly did your employee started to work? Not even a chip card nor an excel table will help you. A way more effective tool is the online timesheet system. The timesheet can be started only from a company computer, when an employee starts working on a specific project or task. They will not be allowed to add a timesheet any other time.

You will create materials for accounting

The processing of payrolls will no longer be hindered by filled excel tables and other paperwork. You and your accountant will surely appreciate the fact that monthly reviews of attendance can be prepared online, with one click straight within the eBRÁNA system.

Plan attendance months ahead

A shared calendar is a part of the eBRÁNA system, in which your employees can plan their attendance. Thanks to that fact, you will gain a perfect overview of who will come to work and when, who is not fulfilling the planned working hours. From the calendar data, you can easily filter out any reviews that interest you. (divided by departments, months, etc.).

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Where to next?

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