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Traceable documents thanks to multiple levels of classification

Documents are organized in folders and can be further organized via custom tags. The DMS allows fulltext searching, located above the documents’ name, documents you use a lot can be marked with a star and will display on your homepage.

Automatic versioning saves a lot of time

Documents are natively assigned a three-digit number (1.0.0). Depending on the size of a change done on the document, the numbers automatically increases (1.1.0, .1.1.1, 2.0.0). Moreover, the change is announced via an Article, or via the “Acknowledge” function. The automatization connects processes in the whole company.

Sharing and rights based on the corporate structure

Each of the documents can be shared to a specific people, departments, job positions or custom made groups. This way of sharing is perfectly fit for newcomers in your company. They gain the whole battery of documents needed for their position instantly.

Connection to other eBRANA system parts

To make the most out of our DMS, we recommend using other parts of the system too. For example, modules People, Important events, corporate message board and more.

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