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The eBRÁNA system has three pricing variants:

  • Monthly paid rent

    The paid version of the eBRANA system has the form of a monthly paid rent. The price is calculated based on the number of users and the number of modules used. Only users with access to a module are paying for it. The monthly rental fee includes the price of technical support, as well as the price of a webhosting (the price depends on the amount of data stored on your web). The webhosting price also includes mailhosting.

  • 30 days trial version

    The trial version uses the full version of our system. The “demo” version is dedicated for you to try out whatever you might need. The duration of the trial version is standardly set to 30 days, during which we are available for any discussions and questions. 30 days are enough for you to decide whether you need our system or not. Should you decide you want the system, the trial version is made into a live version with all the data you put into it.

  • Functionalities free of charge

    Calendar, contacts, emails, tasks – manage your online calendar, synchronize it with your smartphone, manage emails, manage your tasks. Share your calendar with co-workers, assign them with tasks.

    Orgboard – create a visually attractive picture of your company organization, divided into divisions, departments, positions and individual employees.

Examples of prices for differently-sized companies

The easiest way to explain an issue is to give examples. Should you want to create an idea how much would the eS cost you, chose from one of the sample companies, best matching to yours.  The price would be approximately the same.

  • Tradesman
    ModulePrice per userNo. of usersMonthly fee
    CRM 4 EUR28 EUR
    Permanent e-mails database1 EUR22 EUR
    Calendar, contacts, tasks, emailsFree 0 EUR
    Price total  10 EUR
    Webhosting - Tariff 2 (1 gb)  6 EUR
    Total monthy rent  16 EUR
  • Small-sized company
    ModulePrice per userNo. of usersMonthly fee
    CRM 4 EUR520 EUR
    Permanent e-mails database1 EUR1010 EUR
    Economical part2 EUR612 EUR
    Calendar, contacts, tasks, emailsFree110 EUR
    Price total  42 EUR
    Webhosting - Tariff 4 (4 gb)  18 EUR
    Total monthy rent  60 EUR
  • Middle-sized company
    ModulePrice per userNo. of usersMonthly fee
    CRM 4 EUR2074 EUR
    Permanent e-mails database1 EUR1214 EUR
    Economic part2 EUR1630 EUR
    Social modules1 EUR3033 EUR
    Tasks - work organization and management1 EUR2022 EUR
    Calendar, contacts, tasks, emailsFree 0 EUR
    OrgboardFree 0 EUR
    Price total  173 EUR
    Webhosting - Tariff 6 (16 gb)  56 EUR
    Total monthy rent  229  EUR

One-time costs from the eS implementation

The initial costs of the implementation may differ a lot. If you have a person, who has time and skills to implement the system into your company, the price would be much lower than the price of a turnkey implementation. The price is composed from prices of consultation, trainings, settings of the system, description of processes and tailor-made manuals for each job position.

Complete price list of eBRANA system and related services

  • eBRANA system rental price list
    ModulePrice per user
    Free modules 
    Calendar, contacts, emails, tasksfree
    CRM - customer management system
    Accounts, projects, business tasks, price list
    4 EUR
    Corporate social network
    - message board, articles, important events
    1 EUR
    Economic part
    Profits and costs for projects, invoices, payments
    4 EUR
    Work management and tasking system
    Tasks, timesheets
    1 EUR
    Additional modules 
    Attendance system1 EUR
    Permanent email database1 EUR
    Document generator1 EUR
    DMS - document management system1 EUR
  • Webhosting price list
    Webhosting tariffSize in GBNo. of e-mailsPrice per month
    Tariff 21206 EUR
    Tariff 32409 EUR
    Tariff 446018 EUR
    Tariff 588036 EUR
    Tariff 61610055 EUR
    Tariff 74012067 EUR
    Tariff 86012089 EUR
    Surcharge services  Price per month
    Increase size of one e-mail to 3 GB  0,20 EUR
    Increase size of one e-mail to 5 GB  0,40 EUR
  • Accompanying services
    Opening conslultationFree
    Training48 EUR/h
    Analysis48 EUR/h
    Consultation48 EUR/h
    Programming48 EUR/h
    Travel costs0,4 EUR/km

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