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How is the synchronization function useful?

The eBRÁNA system allows mutual contacts and calendar events synchronization from and to a mobile device. Would you like to keep your contacts and events up do date, even when you type them in your smartphone? With just few steps, we can make it a reality.

Some smartphones have an native application supporting synchronization. Should your smartphone not have an app that natively supports synchronization, you would have to download one. Setting the apps is an easy thing to do. The perks of synchronization are obvious: Whether you are in field or in your office, events and contacts will always be up to date.

Process of synchronization:


All the data neccessary for the settings are found in your system profile. The checkbox besides the password field uncovers your password. After saving, this account will become active for synchronization and you now are able to set synchronization in your smartphone

Apps for contacts and calendar

Should your smartphone not support synchronization natively, you would have to download the CalDAV and CardDAV apps from the google.play store.