Most of our first contact comes from web demands or personal recommendations from our current clients. Forms on our website contain only contact information, and because we need to know what our client needs, we call him immediately upon receiving the demand. The first call is very important, it speeds up the whole process. We ask what issues you need to get solved and what led you to seek on-line managment software.    
Client searches for one, specific thing. Unfortunately, the trial version offers tents of things. We are professionals, yet, when we are trying new software, sometimes it takes hours to determine whether its good, what it is capable of solving and on which level. Imagine someone not so skilled in the on-line software.

CRM is a prototypical example. There are hundreds of CRM systems out there with beautiful and catchy marketing materials. Despite all of that, it takes 2-3 hours to determine whether the system is good for you or not – and that’s only concerning the surface properties.

We will save your valuable time and prepare a tailor-made trial version for you only.

Even though all of the companies have to deal with the same issues, each one has a different approach. The same applies to customers, what is suitable for one may be irritating to the other. It may take up to two hours of despair and anger to realize which approach would suit you the best. We want to minimize the time you spend in confusion. The first call takes about 10 minutes.

Should we find that our client’s needs can be fulfilled, we arrange the following:

  1. personal consultation – should you have no free time to try things out and / or you need throughout explanation
  2. personal trial version – should you want to explore and try out all our functionalities

Try out the eBRANA system with your own data

If the client already owns a trial version, we recommend coming to our company or have a consultation via team viewer (or any desktop-sharing software) – the outcome of such consultation is a fully configured client’s trial version which is ready to use. We deal with clients’ questions and we teach them, how to change basic settings. The aim of this is to make clients understand so they are able to tell whether the eBRANA system is the right system for them.

After clients decide that the eBRANA system is what they need, we compound an offer for the initial implementation. We, after the previous conversations, know how much of work we need to input for individual use cases, possible connection to other systems and / or individual changes.  We prefer not to make our implementations way too much personal, it is much more expensive and usually causes problems when updating the functionality. The amount of time needed for the adjustments is directly connected to the size of the client’s company and the number of scenarios they need to solve.

New system = spring clean in your company

The question how to insert clients’ data is always a part of the initial implementation, should they be conversing from a different CRM system. We newly introduced a possibility to upload data from a XLS file, which is free of charge for clients. Personally, I advise (according to the amount of data you need to upload) to start uploading the data from scratch manually – upload only the “live” data, which will help the client see which data are needed and are which not – Consider it as a spring clean.

We can train your whole team, should you wish.

Another thing we are trying to work out is the question of training clients’ employees – Should we train only managers? Should we train in our training centre or at client’s? We always select the version that will ensure the reception of the system throughout the client’s company at the maximum possible level. Implementing a new system into a company is always sensitive and delicate event – the system must be supported by owners and managers, ordinary users must see its usability and usefulness. A detailed training increases all the previously stated aspects – I cannot like a tool I am not familiar with, even thou it promises that its capable of doing what I need.

Regular updates and modernization are free of charge.

 During the active use of our system, the system is constantly updated (ca. once per 14 days). Thanks to the updates, the system receives minor fixes and updates. Once in a while, the update contains a major fix or a completely new functionality. All of that comes free of charge with our system in the form of monthly paid rent.  Should the client encounter any problem while using our system, we offer technical support which is always available for them.

You can also be part of the never ending development of our system

We are glad when we receive tips and suggestions from our clients concerning the eBRANA system. We put all of the ideas into one place, then we classify them according to their types and lastly we assign them with priority. Should a larger number of clients want the same thing and we see that its really important or it may ease up clients work, we implement the suggestion to the closest development plan.

The shortest time we are able to deliver the developed functionality is one month. After the development, the new functionality must pass three levels of stability, with each level having at least one week reserved to test it to the full extent. This way lowers the number of functions we would want to implement and we have a bigger space for our clients’ feedback. We inform our clients about updates via email. Should the client find the new version interesting, we implement it. Should the new version contain some difficult steps or settings, we may again get in touch via skype or in person to explain everything needed. We are here for you!

To sum up, what awaits you when our cooperation starts?

  1. Demand
  2. First telephone call
  3. Trial version installation
  4. Entry consultation – online or in person
  5. Initial implementation
  6. Tailor made settings
  7. Training of users
  8. Active use, updates and increasing number of functionalities

See how will our demand management system, project management, and CRM move your company forward.